Audio Books

Words make a story come to life, you can’t help it but to be fascinated by stories and characters. I would love to be the voice that turns your book into an audio book and to help produce your audio book for Audible, BookBeat etc.   


An exciting story or even scary one? Make time fly for your listener.  


Give your listener butterflies in their stomach when listening to your book before going to bed, lying on the sunbed, or sitting on the bus.  

Fairy tale

Let children embrace their fantasies and wildest dreams while listening to your story.  

Guide book

  Instruction manual or any adviser;  it´s always good to use both hands while listening or to know more about how to get a better mind set or even use a better self-care in your life.  


  Historical occasions told with an animated voice makes an audio book even more interesting and exciting.  


  To hear about a person´s life and what this person has experienced can be so fascinating.  


  Significant living, architecture and background information about usages in different countries all together in one told story.