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Voice over projects

Advertising for VICA DANMARK, specialists in orangeries, conservatories, greenhouses and pergolas (DANISH)
In this project I produced the voice over for several videos in DANISH for the Danish company VICA Danmark.
My role is to tell about the impressions while we are shown around in beautiful conservatories.

Voice over for a photobook app

I produced a 30 second voice over for a british customer to address the Danish audience. It´s used on social media.

Advertisement for FERMAX security products (DANISH)
In this project I dubbed and produced 4 videos in DANISH for the Danish trading company Freund Elektronik A/S for FERMAX. My role is an elderly lady who tells us about her alarm system.

A family business from Portugal that designs and produces shoes and backpacks made from hemp (GERMAN)
In this project, I spoke in advertising text for some videos in German for 8000kicks. My role as Otilia, who is a co-founder of the company, is to tell a bit about the company and the products.


An agent supervisor (me) is providing guidance to the audience during the whole detective journey. For all expected tourists I produced 3 voice over in DANISH, ENGLISH and GERMAN

e-Learning (DANISH)
Since e-Learnings become more and more popular, I produced a 1 hour e-Learning program in DANISH. The program is based on a 3D-animated video introducing the different scenarios. It´s interactive and the users need to select answers through mutiple choice menus.
Lamp advertisement for an US client (DANISH)
I produced and dubbed 3 DANISH video voice over for social media for a special decoration lamp.

Advertisement for shoes (GERMAN)
I produced a GERMAN voice over for an advertisement for shoes from Portugal. This will be used on social media.

Advertisment Social Media (ENGLISH)
I produced an ENGLISH voice over for a photo app for a Danish photography business for social media.

Image Film (ENGLISH)
Sharing a possible example of an image video of a person or company.

Role play (ENGLISH)
In this fantasy story from a client from the USA, my voice was used for the wicked and evil aunt I was surprised myself how deep I got into this role...

Trailer "Modern Iran & Ancient Persia" (ENGLISH)
*** Trailer for the newly released audio book! ***

Children's story
Nonfiction book
Voice Over - Shortfilm "Run b4 you die" (GERMAN)
Voice Over - Shortfilm "Leben in Vienna"